Middle School Athletic Update 8/13

I quickly want to share the current status of middle school athletics. We are currently following the same guidelines and timetables for Return to Play as set by the VHSL. However we are modifying a few things due to our resources here at the middle school. We are currently on “shutdown” for athletics. This means that we are just waiting to see how things continue to play out before bringing our students back to campus for any conditioning. No other middle schools are doing any offseason conditioning so we are going to stick with keeping our kids safe at home.

 I am in daily discussions with the other Middle School AD’s along with Caroline High School’s AD, Mr Heizer. We are working on making an adjusted sports schedule that would follow very closely to the VHSL timetable but better suited for Middle School. 

As more information comes forward then I will continue to share and update. 
Feel free to reach out with any questions. Stay safe and go Eagles!

Here is the link to help answer any other Caroline County Athletic questions – http://r2l.blogs.ccps.us/atheltics-and-extracurriculars/